Wednesday, September 26, 2007

US dealers selling to Canadians

Auto - WOW ---- New cars from US up to 20% cheaper (cost to import under $200) - Page 328 - Forums#post5656694: "They can't sell new to Canadians But they can find slightly new ones: And these guys have had these Q7 forever. They can't seem to be able to get rid of them. One on sale for 42K US. They've had these since May."

Powerboats - 2007 20' ft Malibu Response LXi with Prestige trailer - Wakeboard Boat, Waterski Boat - Lake St. Louis (delivery available), MO, 63367 -

Powerboats - 2007 20' ft Malibu Response LXi with Prestige trailer - Wakeboard Boat, Waterski Boat - Lake St. Louis (delivery available), MO, 63367 -

A 2007 Malibu Response LXi for $39,900 incl. trailer.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Here is a Lexus link

Call Lexus of Manhattan ask for Keith or Jamale in preowned... Tell him Anthony from Canada referred you. I got a 2007 awd demo for 30k no nav.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Quote from one of the posts on the forum about a recent purchase of an X5

2007 Bmw X5
Originally Posted by dealcatcher
how much did u pay? any duty?It isn't brand new. The US
dealer can't sell Canadian any new BMWs.I found the near mint certified X5 4.8.
It has 6k miles on speedo. and has all packages except Techno packages. A
similar new car in Canada is selling $82500 plus GST, PST and Extra TAX on V8.
It will bring the total close to 100K. Mine is listing at US $64500. and I got
it at US$60500. You don't need to pay any duty since it is made in US. no PST
since it is pre-owned. and no$3000 V8 Tax since the car is put in use before
March,07. Only GST being charged about CAD $3800. I really don't know how much I
saved, but i know you can't never get such a bargain here in Canada. BMWs in
Canada is so overpriced. I also saw lot of 06 BMW 325i in the dealership while I
am waiting for the paperworks done. They are around $32000 with most 11k mile on
speedo. Good luck on finding yours. you can go to to search preowned
cars closer to where you live. Good Luck finding yours.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Toyota Sienna info

First post

After doing some research on vehicle , and carefully compare option by option. I
can see the price different between US and Canada is around 6-7000$ as of today
rate exchange (almost 1 to 1).Toyota Sienna CE in US has lesser option than
Toyota Sienna CE in CanadaAndToyota Sienna LE in US has lesser option too than
Toyota Sienna LE in Canada. so I need to add all the options to get the price
differents.Yes we save money but unfortunely I didn't see 12k or 10k saving yet.


My findings - I think if you are good at negotiating here in Canada you
could get about 2000-2500$ off MSRP price from Sienna. That is what I heared.In
US Sienna LE + Pckg 2 is roughly equal to Canadian Sienna LE. Did you find any
more options on Canadian Sienna?In US Sienna LE + Pckg 2 is sold for about
26000, maybe 27000 all fees are in (but no import fee or canadian tax). In
Canada Sienna LE cost :37225 - 2225$ (discount) + 1400 (delivery inspection) =
36400$.How are you getting your numbers?

First response again

Yes, I got the quote from, so is around 27455$ with alloy wheel and Daytime Running Lights (Toyota Sienna LE in Canada already has alloy wheal and daytime running lights )... you may get discount 800$ at max for 2008 model. For 2007 models, you can get around 2200$ discount.And the price has around: 27455$ + dealer fee: 600$ + transport (700$) = 28755 + 200$ (at the border) + Fee at Canadian Tire = 29000$ ... So basically we can save around 7000$ at most.


Subaru importation info

Recall Clearance Letter:
Just a note to report very helpful service from Subaru America.I had phoned them earlier about the RCL early in the week and they promised to paper mail and email a copy. (It was encouraging that on their computer we were already the registered owners for this VIN). I faxed them the bill of sale as requested. Nothing happened so I phoned again yesterday and was glad I did so as something had gone astray with the fax. I immediately faxed again - this was by then right at the end of their working day - and lo and behold the RCL was in my email first thing this morning. Great service, thanks Subaru America!The reason behind my sense of urgency was that the car is being picked up Friday, and some have reported (and its on some web sites) being asked to show the RCL at the border. I phoned RIV yesterday (my, they sounded busy!) and they confirmed that it is NOT required at the Canadian border.

Satisfied Subaru Customer

Here is a letter from the forums of a satisfied customer, that's good but an interesting sideline is where she bought the car. THe dealer is part of a greater group that includes all the great marques.

You can add me to the list!We bought a Tribeca from Kendall Subaru in
OR.They had what we were looking for and we are having it shipping here soon.
Having it shipped takes alot longer then driving it up. We saved over
$16,000!!!!!Thank you Monsieurmaggot for starting the invasion of US vehicles!We
used A&A Customs Brokers = $383.06 + Tax (they start with $250 then add all
the fees)We are using Canuck Towing to have it shipped to Regina.Here is the
dealer info:Kendall SubaruJesse Snarr1-877-833-6841Eugene ORThe Kendall Auto Group
owns the following brands:Honda + AcuraChevy + CadillacChrysler + Dodge +
JeepFordHyundaiToyota + Lexus + Scion (not sure if they export)SubaruI know it's
a bit far but they are great people to work with. The sale was way under invoice
and hold back and they still added a few accessories to the deal.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

'07 RAV 4

Here is the RAV from Eastside was sold and now back on the market.
Great deal for an '07 but there is still the duty at 6.1% which works out to about $21,218. What do you think?
If I can work a bit more out of the deal and help pay for the duty.....?
The car is cloth int. but has all the power features such as windows locks remote key entry etc
Might be a good one to turn around quickly, maybe.

Hey Graham!!
I just received a call and turns out the RAV 4 is now available!!!(That was
a quick turn around!!)I got you a deal for $19,999!!What do you think!!??Let me

Toyota in the US

Toyota West in Statesville, NCSalesman's name is Trever Hargittthargitt@toyotawest.comToyota West in Statesville, NCSalesman's name is Trever
Tell them Jason from Canada sent you

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rav4 in LA

Here is the same search but in LA for Rav4 '07/'08

$31,004Highest price

$18,990Lowest price

$25,160Average price

'07/'08 RAV4 on Auto Trader

Here is the stats for Rav4 on Auto Trader

the search criteria was '07/'08 Rav4 within a hundred miles of Seattle
and the results turned 155 vehicles with the highest, lowest and average price.

$32,995Highest price
$21,115Lowest price
$25,921Average price

It will take some emails to find out if the Seattle dealerships will sell used to Canadians.

'08 Subaru LL Bean

Here is a quote from Valley Subaru north of Denver, it's one of the largest volume Subaru dealers in the country.

Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I could sell you a 2008 2.5i LLBean
outback for 26,400 plus tax only, no additional fees of any kind. I hope this
information helps. Please feel free to contact me if we can be of further

F350 update

Here is an interesting offer from a dealer in Oregon:

Hi Graham,Since you like how Stock# B17092 is equipped I thought that
I would give you the pricing information on it.

  • MSRP $48,710

  • Internet Price $44,669

  • Rebates $3000

  • Owner Loyalty Rebate $1000

  • Final Internet price Not Including Fees and taxes $40,669

That is one great offer so I called and I'm waiting an answer on the rebates and if they work for Canadians. Here is a link to the window sticker for this truck note the stock number top right side B17092,

If the rebates work then we have lift off...........................$40,669

Truck Buying Process

Here is a list of what's next

Go to this web site and confirm for yourself that pickup trucks are admissible into Canada. The pickup truck reference is in Section 2 under vehicle types.

After I secure the price I will introduce you to the sales person

  • I suggest you confirm everything about the truck with the sales person including a photo and the VIN number

  • Secure the deal with a deposit on a credit card

  • Ask what is the accepted way of payment is either EFT Bank Draft or personal cheque but not cash This step is important as the amount of time it takes to confirm the money is in their account varies and could have an impact on the release and trip home.

  • Send the particulars as to dealership as to who you are name, address, etc.

  • Arrange with your bank an American account in order to transfer your money, you can find a few references on the blog of what other people have done. There will be a service fee to transfer as well a fee for converting the currency.

  • The sales person Bellevue Ford will arrange to have the title info faxed to the American border at the Pacific crossing.

  • Arrange with ICBC a "binder" for coverage of the truck, have all of the particulars of the truck most importantly the VIN number, if you don't get the information that you need go to another agency until you get someone that knows what they are doing

  • 72 hours later you are able to clear the necessary paper work at the American border, this is to satisfy that the vehicle is not stolen or have any liens against it. It should take a few minutes if it is not busy, Friday is not a great day to be doing this as people are rushing to get things home for the weekend. The office at the border closes at 4pm but suggest going through no later than 2pm. Even tough it is 72 hours it does not mean that it couldn't be after the 72 hours it just means no earlier.

  • Drive to the Canadian border and tell the guard what you are doing and you will be asked to go and pay GST, RIV importation fee ($200) an air conditioning tax ($110?) There is also info on the blog about this process as well.

  • Drive home......wahoooooooo

  • Take truck to inspection facilitly, Canadian Tire, for the approval form that the vehicle has daytime running lights, speed in kilometers etc,

  • Take appropriate papers signed and stamed to ICBC for plates

  • Pay PST and insurance

  • And then show off truck

    Tuesday, September 18, 2007

    F350 Super Duty Super Price

    So let me get this straight,

    • your local dealer says that you can buy a Lariat F350 loaded for $64,000 cdn,
    • a Seattle dealer, a ferry trip and a few hours drive away, says they can sell you the same truck for $43,362us
    • with the exchange rate at 1.02% (roughly today's, rate) equals $44,229.
    • I'm doing the math, even though I was not that great at it I think the Seattle choice is better
    • add into the mix that the truck presently owned, an '02 F350 was $55,000 new
    • One could have the '08 F350 with more features for a lower price than what the '02 was new
    • add into the cost the RIV fee of $200, an air conditioning tax of $110
    • add in your time and cost to get the vehicle or it could be called a weekend away with one's special person

    Go Figure.

    Taking the mystery out of it......


    Toyota Tacoma

    Finally found a reference to importing a Tacoma and the name of a Toyota dealer that will sell to Canadians.

    Finally imported a Tacoma!!! Could have been a two day trip, but my dad wanted to tag along to see how the import process went and we took our time driving back.
    • Purchase price for my Double Cab Long Bed TRD Sport w/towing was $29,000US 'out the door'.
    • I opted for an '08 because I couldn't buy an '07 with the configuration I wanted in white.
    • The '08's have a couple TSB's implemented (stiffer suspension, etc.) over the '07's and should have a better resale value in the future.
    • I could have had an '07 for $27,750 OTT (might be even better now), but as I already stated I couldn't get the color I wanted.
    • In total, including taxes (still need to pay PST), plane tickets, hotels, DTRL parts, and food I'm in approx $35,500Compared to Canadian MSRP of $46,249.80 (taxes, freight, etc. included) I saved approx. $10,750CDN.If anyone needs the name of a US dealer still selling Toyota's just send me a PM.

    Deal with Rebecca

    Here are the final details for the completion of Subaru purchases:

    Hi Graham!!Ok...I look forward to talking to you in the morning!
    • Are you planning on taking the cars through the border onThursday? I am worried about the 72 hour wait time after wefax the paperwork to the border tomorrow.
    • If you are not planningon going through on Thursday would you like a second 3 day trip permit.Just let me know tomorrow =)
    • Also, it would be great to get a $500 deposit on each car tomorrow tosecure the deal. Credit card is fine.
    • One other thing to think about is how you would like to make the fullpayment. We can do Money Order/Cashiers Check or a wire transfer. (Wecan do a personal check, however we would have to wait for it to clearthe bank before signing the title over to you)Hope your having a great evening!!

    Becca EllingsworthEastside Subaru425-820-8993 office206-235-9289 mobile

    Monday, September 17, 2007


    The stats for an '06 Sienna in the Seattle area are:
    Highest Price - $33,995
    Lowest Price - $19986
    Average Price - $24,524

    There were only 56 listed in the '06 category on Auto Trader

    An '06 Sienna in South Pennsylvania

    Highest price - $42,984
    Lowest Price - $17,999
    Average Price - $26,712

    There were 320 Siennas listed in the South Pa. search

    '08 F350 Super Duty

    Here is a truck that might suit your needs. The sales person that sent me this is Ashley.

    Graham,Thanks for your inquiry about the '08 Ford F-350. Great news! The specific model you requested is still available and ready for sale!

    The specs of the truck are as follow:

    -Drk T. Red Exterior
    -Med. Stone Leather Interior
    -Lariat Trim
    -6.4L V8 Diesel
    -Torqshift 5-Speed Auto Trans
    -3.73 Limited Slip Axle
    -All Weather Floor Mats
    -Chrome Running Boards
    -Electronic Shift on the Fly
    -Sat. Radio
    -PTC Supplemental Heater
    -Power Sliding Rear Window
    -Camper Pkg
    -Powerscope Trailer Tow Mirrors
    -Premium 6-CD Stereo
    -Memory Group
    -Traction Control
    -Adjustable Pedals
    -Upfitter Switches
    -Heavy Duty Alternator
    -Reverse Sensing
    -Bed Extender
    -Universal Garage Door Opener
    -Tailgate Step
    -Heated Seats
    -Tow Command System

    Price quoted over the phone is $43,362 us. Because it is being plated outside of Wash. there is no tax.

    What day next week can you swing to check it out in person?!Ashley FunkInternet Sales ManagerFord of Bellevue

    Here is a link to the Bellevue Ford site and the listing of the truck.

    Check out the site and build the same truck as listed here from Seattle. I did it today for my own curiosity and came out with a F350 Super Duty SC Short Box at $60,009.

    Today's dollar closed at over .98 cents.


    I set up an account for shipping the MDX and it is a bid site, different companies bid on the contract.
    check it out here

    I also requested on online quote from this company Pakmail

    Subaru Outback deal

    Hello Graham!
    • Thank you for the time on the phone today!I really look forward to building a wonderfulbusiness relationship with you. Therefore I will make this really easy for both of us!!
    • 2008 Outback 2.5i Limited w/ VDCSilver/Automatic$24,999
    • 2007 Outback 2.5i LimitedSilver/Silver/ Automatic$22,450Let me know how you would like to proceed!I can get the paper work ready today to start the processif you wish!!

    Thanks Graham!!

    Becca EllingsworthEastside Subaru425-823-3906

    My words:

    The new price includes PDI and the only tax that is paid is the trip permit and a business tax which comes to $35 and $145

    The warranties are fully transferable.

    The car conforms to the new rule of having an immobilzer safety feature. It only applies to cars built after Sept1/07

    Sunday, September 16, 2007

    F350 Super Duty

    Here is a profile for an'08 F350 Super Duty Lariat Super Cab

    Base Price is $35,780
    Destination Charge $ 925
    Options $ 8,645

    • Dark Toreador Red
    • Mediam Stone interior
    • 6.4 Diesel V8 power stroke
    • LT 275/70R 18E Tires
    • 18" polished alumium wheels
    • Premium radio/CD/MP3
    • Leather
    • Power SeatsH.D. Alternator
    • Power rear window

    Total $45,350

    Less rebate if applicable $ 1,000

    These figures are off of the Ford U.S. site and I just put in the features that I thought you would want. They can be changed easily.

    Let me know how this profile looks to you and how it prices out here in Canada. I checked out the Ford dealer here in town and there was a Super Cab Lariat fully loaded for $65,000.

    I also did a rough search for the same truck in an '07 and an '08 used but found very little. I will continue to search and as you said the other day " I took the mystery out of it..." well, I will take the mystery out of this truck thing.


    MDX Mint 04

    here is the email that I received back from the seller of the 04 MDX in mint condition within 2 hours of requesting info.


    Thanks for the email. I am in Doylestown, PA, about 45 min north of Philadelphia.

    I bought this MDX and a Yukon XL Denali, and I am now really torn as to which one to keep. I occasionally need more room than the MDX has, and might need to tow more than 3500 lbs every now and again. But I am not sure I want to live with the Denali's size for capabilities I need infrequently.

    So I might wind up keeping the MDX and selling the Denali. I probably should pull the ad until I make up my mind. But anyway, the MDX is perfect like new, absolutely no issues. Maybe if someone waves cash I will just sell the MDX and kick myself later. Argh!


    ACURA MDX . ORG - FS: '04 MDX Touring Nav & DVD, 21K miles, MINT

    '07 OUtback used

    Here is another response from a dealer in Austin Tx. for a used '07 Ltd.

    Hi Graham -Thanks for your interest in this beautiful 2007 Outback 2.5i LTD.It is a "used" car in that it has been titled already albeit out of state. It was purchased new as a corporate fleet vehicle (i.e. company car) in Arizona where we acquired it at auction about two weeks ago. Most fleet cars are base models - it is very rare to find an almost new Outback LTD on the used car market. We snapped it up the instant we saw it.

    2007 Subaru Legacy Outback i Limited
    B4, 2.5L
    Automatic 4 Speed
    15,500 miles
    9 photos available
    $23,995 As of close of business yesterday we had this car in stock. Would you like to see it or discuss it further tomorrow (09/17/2007)?Thanks again for writing. My contact info appears below.
    Trace OrdiwayeBusiness Sales ManagerNew CarsSubaru of Dallas & Subaru of Plano

    quote for o8 Outback

    Here is the second quote received this Sun morning from Chaplins in Bellevue.

    Here is the breakdown.

    • 2.5i limited w/o vdc Invoice is 26245
    • less 2%= 25701
    • less the rebate 1000.00= 24701.

    The only other thing to add is the cost of any optional equipment that has been factory installed. and tax and licensing.
    If you want VDC it is about a 280 option.
    retail price on this car is 28040 just FYI.

    John Goodfellow
    Chaplin's Subaru Volkswagen

    08 Outback Ltd

    I received this email reply this morning Sun. Sept 16., this person has been the quickest of all the ones that I have emailed.

    Hi Graham!!Thanks for the email!
    I do work with Zach. We have helped many people Import therevehicles to Canada!!
    I do have a 2007 Outback Ltd here! However, the VDC is an Option with the 2008 models, but not an option on the 2007's.

    • As of right now I do not have any Acura MDX's. What I am going to do is give you pricing on my 2007 Outback and a new 2008 Outback. You canlet me know which one looks best for you
    • 2007 Outback LimitedSilver/Quartz Silver5,800 miles on it!Your internet Special - $24,678
    • 2008 Outback Limited w/ VDCQuartz SilverFactory installed options include:All weather floor matsauto dimming mirror w/ compass and homelinkcenter armrest extensionYou internet special after rebate - $26,125With both these vehicle's you will receive a FREE 100,000mile warranty upgrade good in Canada and US...Part of our Rainier Auto Atvantage!!
    • I know you said you are looking for these vehicles this week....are you planning oncoming down this week? Have you bought a car in the US before? Are you fimiliar withthe process....let me know if you have any questions!!!Hope your having a great day!! I look forward to talking with you soon!!Thanks!


    Cross often? Make it simple, use NEXUS

    Friday, September 14, 2007

    Great site - Automobile Protection Agency

    "The Automobile Protection Association (APA) is a membership based non-profit association dedicated to promoting consumer interests in the marketplace."

    Here is a page from their site about warranties for American purchased vehicles:


    Here are some posts I found about and EFT's

    First post
    There's some misconception here about money transfers and electronic fund transfers that need to be clarified.I will give you some insight that I personally went through.

    First of all, does not charge you for an EFT. You pay if you want it done the same day. I went with the no-charge solution.
    My EFT took three days to move over. During this time, the money didn't come out of my account. The money only came out the day the money changed accounts.
    Secondly, there is a small hassle to set up an XE account but once it's done. It's permanent. There's no maintenance fees and no charge to keep it open.XE works on a simple basis. You transfer money from one of your bank accounts to another.

    In my case I registered a Canadian CIBC chequing account as my "from" choice and set up my US CIBC chequing account as my "to" account. On XE I transfer xxx dollars from my Canadian to US account. It's done almost instantly. I had a bank draft (most banks don't use certified cheques anymore) drawn from my US account. This was all done on line. I simply showed up at CIBC and paid $6 for a Bank Draft. That was it.
    If you make a lot of US visits, then a XE account is the way to go.XE gives you better rates the more $$$ you trade. For $20,000+ business you should be able to get about .035-.045% above the current Bank of Canada rate. It's less than half a cent per dollar. You can call them to negotiate a permanent "spread" rate.

    Second post

    Originally Posted by michelb
    Actually I think US money orders are free (same as certified check) if you have borderless account ...
    This is confirmed correct. I got a US $ bank draft from TD for my car purchase & there were no fees using my borderless account.As far as best exchange rate, I found in Vancouver that going to "Vancouver Bullion & Currency Exchange" with cash, their rate saved me almost 1% on the conversion to US $ versus TD borderless rate. So $250 saved on $25k.
    They have 3 locations I am aware of. Downtown, South Granville & Richmond. I dont know if they have a website, but I just phone for the current rate. I went to the Granville location & thereafter walked 1.5 blocks to TD for the bank draft.

    Third post

    Sadly ING does not offer international transfers or provide cheques.You'll need to go to a regular bank to do that.
    Keep your cash in ING and set up a US full service account with a regular bank.Transfer it when you're ready.
    In my case, my bank wants $85 to transfer money over electronically to my US dealers' account. The dealer accepts EFTs. The other option is to bring a US certified cheque across the border. You'll need to declare anything over $10k or risk having it seized by US Customs. Some folks get a bit a grief when they declare that kind of cash.As far as the ING rate, on a $30k purchase you're still giving them almost $500. The regular bank gave me a discount exchange rate of $650!! On a $30k transfer, you should easily get a rate of $40-65 per $10k (depending on how much you actually commit to the exchange company) Sign up with a currency exchage service. It will take about a week to have them do a background check on you but on such a large purchase, it's worth the effort.There's a whole new thread possible here. Banking charges....

    A few questions

    I am looking for answers to a few questions:
    • How long do Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) take
    • What is the value of EFT company
    • Are there rules for someone picking up a vehicle for someone else


    Wednesday, September 12, 2007


    I did a quick search on three more cities; Denver, Dayton Oh., and Miami and the best pricing so far is Miami.
    The high, low and average for 2002 is: 22.6k, 12.8k, 16.3k

    For 2002-2006: 36.9k, 12,8k, 24.6k.

    The prices for MDX in Miami are not just a little lower but significantly lower, an example is a 2005 with just over 11k miles for 29k, it is a one owner and Acura Certified. The same car in Seattle is not available but the next best one is an MDX Touring with 15k miles for 38k, or a private seller has his for sale for 36k with 14k miles.

    These vehicles and info can be seen on, go to the Used car section and place Zip code and details.

    Zip for Miami is 33122, for Seattle 98101, Portland 97086, Oakland 94601, Anaheim 92804.

    Phoenix, Denver and Vegas were not that impressive for volume and pricing.

    MDX search summary

    I have been using the search and save function on the site. The site also has a nice little feature that gives the highest, lowest, and average price of the cars for the search that was requested. The results that I have put together have different circumstances that affect the values and I will outline a few of them at the end of the post. Seattle had the lowest miles on their cars but also had the fewest.

    2002 Acura MDX: high low average

    Seattle 25k 15k 19.7k

    Portland 26 15.7 21.5

    Oakland 26 14 20.5

    Anaheim 25 14 18.4

    2002 -2006 Acura MDX: high low average

    Seattle 39 14.8 26

    Portland 36 15.7 25.3

    Oakland 38 13.8 26.2

    Anaheim 38 8.7 25.8

    The results are only an indication as the number of cars found in the different cities varied with the most in th LA area of course. Another factor is the amount of miles and how it varied, with the greatest amount of vehicles with the highest miles was in LA but countering this in LA was a greater amount of Acura certified vehicles even with the high miles and older make.

    Acura pricing in Seattle

    I found that the pricing for a 2005 MDX is between $25k and $38k in the Seattle area. Some have very little mileage and one has a Nav system. There are a few that are Acura certified and that means a premium on the price which is probably not an advantage to us.

    The 2006's went from $33k to $38k.

    The 2007's from $37k to $46k. The $37k one is found here

    2008 Subaru Outback XT

    Peninsula Subaru Specials

    2008 Outback XT with Nav. for $32,947 in Seattle

    Friday, September 7, 2007

    Special pricing for Subaru's and Toyota's

    These two posts are from the Red Flag Deals site, the first is an offer from Eastside Subaru:

    I do have a RFD (Red Flag Deal) special going on this month by the way.. Valid only through me, Zach, @ Eastside Subaru...
    2008 Outback (The base not the 2.5i), Auto transmission, MSRP: $23,640, Invoice $22,277, RFD price: $20,799 after instant rebate this month only (+fees) You do also get a 5yr 100,000 mile powertrain warranty good in Canada.
    (The msrp on is $32,195.00 for the 2.5i with auto trans, that's almost 10k difference)
    My comment

    Alternatively the 2008 Outback 2.5i MSRP $25,240, invoice 23,745, RFD price $22,245 after instant rebate (+fees).

    Here is an offer from two guys at a Toyota dealership in N. Carolina:

    2007 Toyota Camry LE (new)

    What do you think about this?2007 Toyota Camry $20,034.94 price includes tax,tag&fees! - $19367
    Hello, our names are Robert Byman and Brock Frady. We are dealers for Rice Toyota, the first Toyota dealership in the Southeast United States. We are volume oriented, so this should explain the super price.
    Price includes 3% NC highway use tax ($569.64 & new tag fee ($98). This MSRP for this 2007 Camry LE is $21,864!!! Brand new, never titled, with 6 miles on the odometer. Many colors to choose from. ****FREE PICK-UP LESS THAN 300 MILES**** So, the sell price of $19,367 +$569.94 +$98 = $20,034.94 TOTAL for North Carolina residents only. Total price for out of state could slightly vary due to tag and tax differences.

    Wednesday, September 5, 2007

    Pearl---2006 Subaru Outback AWD

    Pearl---2006 Subaru Outback AWD

    Potential great value for an '06 after negotiating the price.

    '06 with 18k mi. for $18,495 in Salt Lake City.

    Tuesday, September 4, 2007

    08 Subaru Outback LL Bean w Nav - $24,289

    Here is a post found on the Edmunds site about a recent Subaru purchase.

    #1385 of 1400 Just Bought 2008, Outback, 2.5i LLBean + VDC by milem Aug 20, 2007 (2:18 pm)
    Just Bought 2008, Outback, 2.5i LLBean (+ nav) + VDC, diamond gray metallic, but didn't have a choice on the interior..."warm ivory" ! I bought the LLBean at 24 000 $ + 289 $ for documentation fees (I didn't negociate this price!)and paid for some accessories. I want to thank everybody that answered my questions in the last weeks: because of this forum, a few others on this site and articles on, I was a LOT more informed and able to "deal" my new car at what I hope you all think is "a good deal" !!! Thanks !

    Good Subaru purchase story

    Here is a link on an Edmonds car forum about Subarus. The person sharing his story gives good details, also scroll down the page and check out post #1368 as well.
    The stories are about an '08 Subaru Outback Ltd with some options purchased in Seattle and Spokane.

    Warranty information

    Canadian warranty status of new cars imported from the USA:
    • BMW: Coverage in Canada for the vehicle warranty but not for maintenance that includes engine and oil services.
    • GM: No warranty for first 6 months after the import is made. Must be brought back to U.S.
    • DaimlerChrysler: Only if a U.S. owner is on vacation in Canada at time of it needing service. Even a U.S. citizens permanantly moving here is not covered.
    • Ford: Coverage in Canada but only as stated in U.S. warranty booklet.
    • Honda/Acura: Only for U.S. citizens who move to Canada.
    • Hyundai: Fully transferable.
    • Nissan/Infiniti: Conflicting reports. Some say warranty only applies if vehicle is registered in the US for at least six months. To confirm, call Nissan USA (1-800-NISSAN-1) if purchasing Nissan, and Infiniti USA (1-800-662-6200) if purchasing Infiniti.
    • Subaru: Full Canadian warranty applies but works through a reimbursement scheme (you pay here, send invoices to Subaru USA and get reimbursed accordingly)
    • Toyota/Lexus: Full Canadian warranty applies, but they do not encourage people to cross border shop.Be sure to call the manufacturer yourself and double-check the above information (as it applies to you) before selecting the vehicle you will purchase. You may even want to get a fax or some other official letter acknowledging what the warranty status on your vehicle would be. Also, be sure to check this thread.

    VIN numbers

    It’s a vehicle made in North America if it has a VIN that begins with a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.

    1, 4, 5=USA
    3= Mexico

    Check with the RIV site to make certain that the vehicle first is admissable and then is duty free.

    List of vehicles manufactured in North America

    At least the following new vehicles are manufactured in North America:
    Acura MDX - Alliston, Ontario
    Acura RDX - Marysville, Ohio
    Acura TL – Marysville, Ohio
    BMW X5 – Spartanburg, South Carolina
    BMW Z4 – Spartanburg, South Carolina
    Honda Accord – Marysville, Ohio
    Honda Civic – East Liberty, Ohio
    Honda Element – East Liberty, Ohio
    Honda Odyssey – Lincoln, Alabama
    Honda Pilot – Lincoln, Alabama
    Honda Ridgeline - Alliston, Ontario
    Mercedes-Benz M-Class – Vance, Alabama
    Mercedes-Benz R-Class – Vance, Alabama
    Mazda 6 – Flat Rock, Michigan
    Mazda B-Series – Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Mazda Tribute – Kansas City, Missouri
    Hyundai Sonata – Montgomery, Alabama
    Hyundai Santa Fe – Montgomery, Alabama
    Infiniti QX56 – Canton, Mississippi
    Isuzu Ascender – Moraine, Ohio and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    Isuzu i-Series Pickup – Shreveport, Louisiana
    Lexus RX330 and RX350 – Cambridge, Ontario
    Mitsubishi Eclipse – Normal, Illinois
    Mitsubishi Endeavor – Normal, Illinois
    Mitsubishi Galant – Normal, Illinois
    Mitsubishi Raider – Warren, Michigan
    Nissan Altima – Smyrna, Tennessee and Canton, Mississippi
    Nissan Armada – Canton, Mississippi
    Nissan Frontier – Smyrna, Tennessee
    Nissan Maxima – Smyrna, Tennessee
    Nissan Pathfinder – Smyrna, Tennessee
    Nissan Quest – Canton, Mississippi
    Nissan Titan – Canton, Mississippi
    Nissan Xterra – Smyrna, Tennessee
    Saab 9-7X – Moraine, Ohio
    Subaru Baja – Lafayette, Indiana
    Subaru B9 Tribeca – Lafayette, Indiana
    Subaru Legacy – Lafayette, Indiana
    Subaru Outback – Lafayette, Indiana
    Toyota Avalon – Georgetown, Kentucky
    Toyota Camry and Camry Hybrid – Georgetown, Kentucky
    Toyota Camry Solara – Georgetown, Kentucky
    Toyota Corolla – Fremont, California
    Toyota Sequoia – Princeton, Indiana
    Toyota Sienna – Princeton, Indiana
    Toyota Tundra – Princeton, Indiana
    Toyota Tacoma – Fremont, California

    Another great link for importing info

    2003 Infinity G35 Sports Coupe Loaded Navigation, Brembo, Black Manual

    2003 Infinity G35 Sports Coupe Loaded Navigation, Brembo, Black Manual

    2003 Infinity G35, $24,995 with 49k mi.

    Monday, September 3, 2007

    Temp license plates

    Quote from the Red Flag Deal forum

    "I see that confusion about temporary license plates (tags) is a recurring theme here. It's actually quite simple -- all states in the US practice reciprocity for both vehicle and driver licensing. In other words, if your license plate is valid in one state, it is automatically valid in the other 49 states. There are no exceptions to this when it comes to passenger vehicles.

    To summarize: you do NOT need a temporary plate from each state you intend to travel through; all you need is a temporary plate from one state, which will be honored by all of the remaining states."

    Sunday, September 2, 2007

    2007 Subaru Outback Ltd

    2007 Subaru Outback,

    2007 Outback Ltd in Arizona for $24,991 with under6k miles.

    Saturday, September 1, 2007

    350Z Nissan 2006

    Chaplin's Automotive Group Subaru VW Seattle Washington Bellevue New and Used Dealer

    2006 white 350Z for $27,888 with 26,214 miles.

    Stock #22929

    2006 Subaru Legacy 2.5I LTD AWD

    There are 4 Subaru Outback LTD at Eastside Subaru all 2006.

    Stock #'s s7790, s7791, s7792, s7805.

    The stock numbers indicate that the cars came in all at once compared with the last that is an older number. I know that there were no Ltd Outbacks on the website just a few days ago.

    2006 Nissan 350Z Roadster

    350Z at Eastside Subaru silver, 2006 with under 16k mi. for $31,877.

    Stock #11038

    2007 RAV4 at Eastside Subaru

    Here are two RAV4's at Eastside Subaru in Seattle. Both are siver and just under 4k mi. One is $22,399 and the other is $25,999.

    Porsche Boxster

    Here is an interseting one, a 2002 Boxster with 50k miles and one owner.
    Stock# 621818P at Barrier Motors.

    What makes it interesting is the license plate in one of the photos, a California car.

    I am going to check out Calif. boxsters now.

    SC 430 2005

    Here is a Nissan sc430 in Seattle for $27,697, just arrived at Barrier Motors.

    Stock# 610372T


    Here are a couple of links for Lexus.

    Car club for Lexus.

    Acura Pricing US

    Barrier Motors - Mercedes Benz Volvo Audi Porsche in Bellevue Seattle and Southcenter Tukwila Washington

    Barrier Motors - Mercedes Benz Volvo Audi Porsche in Bellevue Seattle and Southcenter Tukwila Washington

    2005 Acura MDX, $29,991 on line. Found in South Seattle at Barrier Motors, 34k miles.