Saturday, June 21, 2008

RSP for all

Here is an interesting occurrence I have seen on the Club Lexus site, a rash of '97 RSP Royal Sapphire Pearl SC300's





Now don't get me wrong I think that these models are a great representation of the SC series but I thought that they were "rare". Or does this just happen to be where rare SC's go to get sold?

Posting habit

Sometimes I feel obliged to explain my posting habit or lack thereof. As I have stated in the Welcome message this blog is simply a large elegant folder for my Lexus picks, a place where I can return and find something that interests me in the event that my memory fails me. If it is useful to others then great, if not I still have my info on file. I have an interest in purchasing a Lexus and this is my somewhat detailed (dare I say anal) way of finding the best value for the cost and cataloging it.

As to posting on regular basis well we all know what "should" be done when in reality life has a way of getting in the way. Short version; I'm busy with my work and sometimes find it difficult to find time to post my latest thoughts.

My simple observation of the Lexus market as I have seen it over the last year is that it is getting slammed just like every other make and model. Pre-owned Lexus are getting slammed on price and the time it takes to sell.
This is a fantastic time to find that auto jewel and and drive away in style knowing that your Prius buying neighbour will still be paying for his ride long after your great wheels have carried you in style and comfort minus the auto payments.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

FS: 2000 Lexus Gs400 in Monterey Park, Ca 91803

Silver/gray Gs400 w/ 82050 miles. Great condition overall. Tinted windows. New timing belt / tensioner and engine belt at 78,000 miles, right/left idler, new waterpump/thermostat,new upper & lower radiator hoses, new iridium plugs, k&n drop in air filter,new front brakes/powerslot rotors, new Falken Ze 512 tires w/ 17x7.5 (new style gs300) rims. L-tunes struts/Eibach springs. 6 disc CD changer, factory HID lights. Mobil 1 oil change every 3,000 miles. Recent toyota transmission fluid change. Non-smoker car. Garage kept at all time.
Two remote and two spare keys. Asking 12,500.00 obo. If interested please pm me or call
(626)825-5276 or (626)281-2877