Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lexus sc400 in C.L.

Another SC for sale on Club Lexus and it is a very nice clean looking ride, I like the look of the front grill and the interior looks great.

95 Lexus SC 400 (Very Clean) 205k mi for $6,500

How real estate is affecting one car owner

Here is a post on a thread at Club Lexus that I just had to read more of, it starts out with:
Hello my fellow GS driving/owning/admiring brother and sisteren.

Today, I got a call and I have to make one of the toughest decisions ever. Do I sell my baby (that I have worked SO hard for) in order to help my mother with saving her house, or do I try to find other means of helping her get the money?

Obviously I am going to help her either way, but should it have to come down to my baby? I've only owned her for 5 months, just started to make her my own and mod it, and now I'm faced with selling her, just to help out.

Have any of you ever been faced with a decision like this?

For more about how this owner dealt with the problem and even more interesting how the problem started go here.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

98 GS300 BLACK / BLACK 100% Stock

Another value Lexus from club lexus.

'98 gs300, 148k mi. $7,995. This car is a blk on blk.

Lexus gs430 value on C.L.

2003 Lexus gs430 18" wheels with 110k mi. $15,000

This car was put up for sale on Nov 23/07 for over $20k and has dropped to $15k today.

Update: This car sold for $14,500 on Mar.3/08. It took over 4 months and a price drop of over $5,000.

New website for car pricing Pricehub

Here is a new site Pricehub that Nathan came across, it shares the actual price that buyers paid for a vehicle.

Subaru purchase in Denver

Here are the numbers for the latest Subaru from Denver.

2008 Outback Wagon Ltd w. VDC remote starter, enhanced audio, homelink. $25,500
As it turned out this price was an out the door price (OTD)

Pick up and trip back to Calgary, 3 nights hotel, food and gas and flight $ 333
Three of us sharing the cost of $1,000

GST @ 5% $ 1,275

R.I.V. fee 215

Insurance binder 90

Vehicle inspection 0

PST not applicable in Alberta

Total $27,580

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Canadian Chapter of Club Lexus

Here is the address for the Canadian Chapter of Club Lexus.

'97 Lexus SC300

his This car is in Ok. and has been inspected and all work identified as needed has been done brakes. I have been emailing back and forth and have enough info to make a decision on. Found it on the Club Lexus site.

Here are a couple of videos that the owner put up on Youtube

This car is now sold, Feb.3/08

Monday, January 28, 2008

1999 Lexus GS 300 - $10250

Found on Craigslist Phoenix with few details.
'99 GS300, $10,250

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cars for sale site

This is a site that one of the Club Lexus members put me onto.
It's called Humble Performance and the link is to the classified section, the only unfortunate thing is that it all makes and models so one has to wade through all of the other stuff to get to a Lexus.

Lexus SC 430 2002 40k Miles - $28000

This seems like a good value in the marketplace for SC430's.
2002 sc430 retractable roof, 40k miles, white for $28,000.

Found on Craigslist, Kansas. 785 266 8887.

Here is another sc430 in Kansas. 2002 sc430 for $28,500 with 46k miles.
Kansas, 913-492-8163

Lexus '02 SC430

This shows what can be done to an already great looking car and still add style. Found this on the SC thread on Club Lexus. Note the light blue glow on the small windscreen behind the front seats.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

'97 Lexus SC300

Here is another nice SC this one is in Ok., Tulsa. '97 SC300, white with 110k miles. $8,995

Lexus 2000 silver GS300 - $12200

Another value GS this one is in Colorado. '00 GS300 with 71k miles.

Two value Lexus in Denver

  • More value but in the first generation GS. This one is in Denver, '
96 gs 300 with 160k miles for $6,450. The 150k service has been done. Found on Craigslist.

Friday, January 25, 2008

2002 Acura Tl Type-s Black/tan Color - $11000

Another value Acura TL with only 106k miles and by the sound of the ad it is a one owner and the value part is that it has just had it's 100k mile service with plenty of new parts added.

Check out the photo site that features this car. The interior pics of the car show especially well how the car has been looked after.

95 SC300 Teal Mist.....perfect. PRICE DROP 5000.00 firm

There are a few more value Lexus showing up on the Club Lexus classified forum this week.

This SC300 is a good example, the owner started out at $7,500 and now is down to $5,000 with a bit of a hard lick story. The car looks to be in very good condition but with a few extra miles.
Teal in colour with 170k miles, '95 sc300, for $5,000.

There is also an offer on this thread from a club member to go and check it out, at no cost. I pm'd him and asked what he would check out and how much it would cost. Very generous offer.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

1998 Lexus GS 300, babied car... - $11000

This is in SF Bay area '98 gs 300 with 74k miles. White and is an original owner car.

1998 Lexus GS 300 - One owner,

Another great sale and it is a one owner car. '98 GS 300 with 96k miles
This car is in the SF Bay area.

94 GS LEXUS....nice affordable luxury_$3500

Ok, back to Lexus today. Here is a value sale in SF Bay area, '94 GS300 with 196k appears in good condition for $3,500. If it is as advertised then a great second car purchase.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

2005 Acura TL 25,000 miles 6-SPD $25,500

Can you imagine taking this great car to the mall. Found on the Acurazine classified section.

'03 Acura CL Type S

I thought I would take a look at Acuras again and here is one I found on the Acurazine site.
'03 CL type S with just over 70k miles for $11,500. The car is in Las Vegas.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

98 GS400 on Club Lexus

Here is one to watch. A low mileage Lexus GS400, 81k miles. It was just listed on the club today and is by appearances in excellent condition, but as I am all about value I think there is some downward movement in the price still to take place.
Lets watch and see.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Value Lexus found on Craigslist

Monday, January 14, 2008

Lexus top value pick

Here is a list of Lexus that I would be looking at to purchase based on value.

Using an American connection to purchase car

Here is a quote from the red flag deals site about buying a car with American connections.

Originally Posted by mole11 View Post
Just looking for a little help here. I have a relative that is living in New York state right now, but is a resident of California (with California drivers license). I have a dealer in New York state, that will sell her the vehicle and also charge no tax (because of her California address). What is the process to import the car? Does the bill of sale get faxed to U.S. customs in her name? How about the recall letter? I would think that the recall letter is pertinent to the vehicle not owner. Do we do up a bill of sale with each other and then I present that to Cdn. customs when I pay the gst? I'm ready to pull the trigger, I just want to clear up this remaining issue. Thanks, any info will be useful. You can pm if you wish. Thanks
Best not to let the dealer know car is being exported. Send the money to your relative and have her send it to the dealer. Dealers invoice will be in her name and the Certificate of Origin will be in her name. Send a copy of Certificate to US Customs 72 hours before you will cross with the vehicle.
Have a bill of sale from your relative to you with you and dated for that day. Your relative is the exporter of record and you are the importer of record. US Customs will stamp your original COO and off to the Canadian Border Tax Collectors. I did exactly that with my new Honda.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Lexus LS400 resource site

One of the many sites that are mentioned on Clup Lexus.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

For Sale: 98 Lexus GS300

Sellin my GS300. DPW with tan interior. Car is in nice shape. I take car of her. Mods are listed in sig. I'm buyin a townhouse and need cash for a downpayment. $12750.00

You can see pics on my cardomain link on my sig too. let me know if interested
98 Lexus GS300
Mods:20" Lexani Krystal's with Espelir Springs--6000K HIDs--LED Tails--Kazz Sport "Benzo" Grill--Chrome Trunk Bar--JDM Yellow Fogs--Clear Bumper lights w/ M4's--Wood Kit--Wood Shift Knob--12" Solobaric L5's w/ Apline amp

Without all of the mods now reduced to $10,000

2002 Lexus Sc430

It has Tein CS coilover and Tom's STB and lower braces(front and rear), got the parts from Carson and were installed at Motorsports shop in Hayward last year, with Tein, you can adjust shocks and height of the car, with Tom's braces, make the car less flex, plus Daizen swaybars and Daizen steering bushing, make big difference compare to stock SC, clean Carfax, never had any accident, welcome to test drive!

2002 Lexus SC430
*Excellent Condition with 52000 miles.
*Dark Blue (Indigo Ink Pearl), with Tan int.
*4.3 Liter, V8-Cyl Engine
*5 Speed Electronically Controlled Automatic Transmissio
*2 Door Convertible
*Leather trimmed Interior, heated front seats, genuine wood int trim
*Power Retractable Alluminum Alloy Conv Top
*Lexus DVD Navigation System
*Mark Levinson Premuim Sound Systen with 6 CD changer
*Rear Spoiler
*18" Alloy Wheels

Hate to see it go, but just got a M6, $28000 for fast sale.

Reduced one week later to $26,000

And then sold shortly after that.

2002 Lexus GS300 Blk/Blk--LOWERED PRICE $16,900

I'd like to introduce you to my 2002 Lexus GS300 that is Black with Black Leather. Currently the car has 105k, all of which are interstate miles from my occupation. My friend bought the car with 60k miles off lease at a South Florida Lexus auction. To be quite honest, it was the cleanest GS I'd seen since beginning my search for the seemingly almost too rare to find Black on Black color combo.

In my ownership I've spent $10K+ modifying the car. The modifications include:

--PAINT: Complete over repray of the factory Onyx Black by a former Lexus body shop technician. [$3500]

--BODY MODS: TTE front lip spoiler [$400], Factory Lexus wing [$500], JDM style Roof Spoiler [$200], and Factory Toyota JAPAN "Aristo" rear-quarter Carbon Fiber moldings [$150].

--SUSPENSION: Tein CS coilovers [$1400]

--WHEELS/TIRES: MRR GT1's in shiny black with a polished lip wrapped in THE BEST VIP TIRE MADE, Falken FK452's. Fronts: 20x8.5 [2.5" lip]--245/35/20, Rears: 20x10.0 [4" lip]--275/30/20. [$2800]

--BRAKES/MISC: Brand new drilled/slotted rotors & new brake pads, 6000k HIDS, Brand new set of CLEAR headlamps, All new badges including rebadged "ARISTO" on the rear, SC430 all black wood shift knob, etc


--6 disc changer
--Dual front 10-way power seats
--Rear spoiler


NADA on this vehicle is $17,325-- 105000&o=91&vi=50003&z=90210&da=-1&nx=1
2002 Lexus GS300 "Aristo"

This car is on the Club Lexus site and has been for sale for since Oct.27/07 and the latest entry is;

"Figured I'd give it a bump. Doesn't have to go, but it's for sale. $15,500"

as of Dec.31/07

Observations about Lexus

A great used car with outstanding value. That is the simple summary the longer version is coming up.
I have been following the Lexus forums and online car sites and have noticed a big price drop over the last 4 months or so. I also have been paying more attention to private sales as opposed to dealer sales.
Cars for sale in Club Lexus as nice as they tend to be are taking up to a couple of months to sell. I am assuming that club vehicles are better kept than others and therefore command a premium however this premium seems to be fast eroding.
The oft quoted Kelly Blue Book pricing seems to be behind the curve on this situation, the club car owners quote it but end up selling for quite a bit lower than the KBB price. Maybe there is such a shift going on with the economy and credit that it is affecting more situations quicker than the pricing models can keep up. For those who are into pre-owned car value and have done their homework are finding the pricing models such as KBB becoming less useful.
It appears that it is a good time to get into a quality pre-owned vehicle and will be for most of 2008 if not into 2009.

1999 LEXUS GS 300 77,000 MILES - $11200

1999 LEXUS GS 300, Fully loaded with 77,000 miles, clean tittle, way bellow KBB $2,000 bellow fair price on KBB,
the car has some scraches that's about it,
call if you need more info 949-3702896

Found on Craigslist OC, Jan.2/08

2001 Lexus GS430 - Only 44,000 Miles!!! GS 430 - Blue Onyx on Cream - $18995

2001 Lexus GS430 - Only 44,000 Miles!!! Am moving back to London in one week!!!

Stunning Blue Onyx Pearl, almost a Midnight Black, with creamy beige interior. Rare color from Lexus. 2nd Owner. Only one other 2001 Lexus GS430 in the country has fewer miles. Moving back to London. Excellent car with too many extras to list. V8, 300HP, HID Lights, Moonroof/ Sunroof, Heated seats, Integrated rear window antenna, Lexus Premium Stereo system with in dash 6 disk CD changer and 7 Speakers, Dual Front, Side and Rear Seat cushion airbags, Lexus Seat Memory, Lexus Homelink, Lexus Theft Deterrent - engine immoblizer. Small scuff / very small dent on bumper, just below the left light - you can barely it see in photos. Near perfect. Still have the original sticker, and manuals. All service completed at Lexus of Santa Monica. Always garaged in Valet building and detailed in same. Non-smoker. Clean title with Pink slip in hand. Registration paid through 12/08.

Found on Craigslist LA, Jan.2/08

1998 Lexus GS 400 - $13500

Pearl White 1998 Lexus GS 400 in terrific condition, with rear spoiler, wood trim, chrome rims (3/4), 6 disc CD changer, Sirius satellite radio S50 console, etc.,
approx. 105,000 miles.
Only 1 owner.

Found on Craigslist Jan.2/08 Los Angeles

002 Lexus GS 300 Sport Edition, Gray on Black, Dallas TX

I’m selling a very clean 2002 Lexus GS 300 Sport Edition with only 65,396 miles for $24,000 obo see pictures below

This car has warranty. (Lexus Certified) They just replaced all front headlights due to moisture condensation. NICE TO HAVE WARRANTY!

It is smoky granite mica gray exterior with black leather seats & trim with dark gray bird's-eye maple accent, custom rims & tires w/ wheel locks plus original tires & rims that came on the car. Custom air intake system, plus original, blacked out taillights, 6 disc CD player, power everything,

Not only is this car in excellent shape inside and out but it is a blast to drive!

Call or pm
Chris: 469-287-2306

Found this one on the Club Lexus site as well and it too is a price reduction from $24,000 to $21,600, listed since Dec.5/07

2003 GS300 SportsEdition White on Saddle NYC

2003 GS300
Color: White Exterior/Black Interior/Camel Leather
Miles: 78,000
Condition: Everything Stock

Price: $19,000 OBO

Problem Areas: Nicks on the rear bumper from stupidly parking in Manhattan, hence the car being in a garage in Long Island.

Oil has been changed every 3k @ Full Throttle with Royal Purple (any grease monkeys welcomed to taste the oil), pampered since the day I got her. I am the second owner, traded in my Q45 for this rare beauty. Inspection has been done and is good till August 2008. I can't think of a single problem with the car, everything is puuurfect. There are legal tints all around. Email me at for more info, set-up some time to look.

Found this on Club Lexus Jan.2/08 and it is a price reduction. The car is in NY

2000 Lexus Gs400*

Up for sale is my extremely minty 2000 gs400.The previous owner was a lawyer from rockledge,fl and he worked in orlando so it is all hwy miles.Here is the breakdown on the vehicle:

-tanabe df210 springs 2.0 f and 1.7 r
-explosion jdm rear wing(super rare)
-TTE front lip(team toyota of europe)
-genuine toyota aristo door visors
-cf genuine toyota aristo door pillars and rear garnish
-5zigen sports engine rims 19x9.5 rear +25 19x8.5 front +25
-federal 595's tires 275/30/19 rear 235/35/19 front
-black bull locks lugnuts w/locks
-not pictured(L-TUNED front grill)getting painted*
-lamin-x 35%front headlight tint*also not pictured*
-oem hid's
-oem yellow fogs
-07 s2000 exhaust tips:laugh: so what,they look good!
-pioneer cd player w/6-disc cd changer

now to the important stuff...

the car just had a full timing belt and 90k service about 500 miles ago.As most of you know,its not cheap for a lexus tbelt/90k package.Master tech albert chung(ex lexus master tech)did all my services on this car.
-all tensioners
-all seals
-acc. belts
-spark plugs
-rear diff service
-air filter/cabin filter
-mobil one syn oil change
-tranny service
-full rad flush,brake fluid,and ps fluid

The exterior and interior is a 9 out of 10....the paint is orginal and shines like if it was new.The interior is extremely clean with no tears in the seats or carpert....a few blemishes on the drivers seat,but nothing that needs replacing.I say a 9 out of 10 because it is not new...there are a FEW tiny rock chips on the hood,but barley noticable.It has all the power acc from the factory you can think of(seats,windows,sunroof,locks,heated seats,etc)

as far as performance upgrades,there are none.Its a lexus,not a honda.I like it nice and quiet with no loud intakes or annoying exhaust.It has 300 hp/300 torque,there is enough power there for me:devious:

The car is amazing in every way...smooth,luxurious,fast,and yet sporty.If you know me,you know how i take car of my cars...never abused,smoke in,or ragged on.The car just had a full detail in and can see the following products that are on this car at TRADES!cash talks...before lowballing me,look at kbb value first to see what these cars are worth...this car is in excellent cond in and me if you are interested,if not,thx for reading and looking at my post...$13,500 FIRM! LOCATION:ORLANDO

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

1998 Lexus GS400

Best deal on Clublexus ! ! * * * * *

1998 Lexus GS400
Color - Silver
Mileage - 182k miles

Clean car, interior. Engine and transmission in fair condition.

Asking price is $7500 ( Selling below KBB value ! KBB value is $8455 , Fair Condition )