Thursday, August 30, 2007

2007 Subaru Outback Limited

I found this one at Nate Wade Subaru in Salt Lake, white with tan interior for $25,295.

Stock # A11086

Douglas Nissan Specials

Douglas Nissan Specials

"06 Toyota tacoma in Las Vegas, $23,988 with under 9,000 miles.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pacific Border Crossing - American office

Bureau of Customs & Border Protection
9901 Pacific HighwayBlaine,
WAPh: 360-332-2632
Fax 360-332-2639

As per the instructions for this border crossing, they say to fax over the title, bill of sale and their export worksheet (probably only this office's requirement) 72 hours prior to export. They also say, do not assume we have received your fax, so please email them for a status of your export application. Again this is just the instructions given at this particular US customs office. You're probably right; over in your area, they may not want emails from potential exporters.

Monday, August 27, 2007

2007 Subaru Outback 2.5i Limited

Here are the options for the 2.5i limited

Heated Leather Seats, Giant Power Moonroof, Premium Sound System, and Much More. This Subaru comes with the Balance of the Factory Warranty, which covers the car bumper to bumper for 3 years from the original date of purchase, or up to 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. It also covers the Power Train for 5 years from the original date of purchase, or up to 60,000 miles, whichever comes first. See Store for Complete Details...Aluminum Wheels, Power Windows, Intermittent Wipers, Sun/Moon Roof, Dual Moonroof, Satellite Radio, MP3 Player, Fog Lamps, Power Passenger Mirror, Heated Exterior Driver Mirror, Heated Exterior Passenger Mirror, Heated Driver Seat, Heated Passenger Seat, Variable Speed Intermittent Wipers, Auxiliary Pwr Outlet, Vehicle Anti-Theft System, Auto-Off Headlights, Luggage Rack, Driver Illuminated Vanity Mirror, Passenger Illuminated Visor Mirror, Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel, Rear Spoiler, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Remote Engine Start, Driver Air Bag, Passenger Air Bag, Side Air Bag, Side Head Air Bag, Climate Control, Dual Zone A/C, AM/FM Stereo, CD Changer, CD Player, 4-Wheel ABS, 4-Wheel Disc Brakes, Cruise Control, Locking Rear Differential, All Wheel Drive, Front Floor Mats, Daytime Running Lights, Keyless Entry, Power Door Locks, Heated Mirrors, Power Driver Mirror, Power Tilt/Sliding Sunroof, Power Driver Seat, Pass-Through Rear Seat, Leather Seats, Bucket Seats, Power Steering, Adjustable Steering Wheel, Tires - Front Performance, Tires - Rear Performance

2006 Subaru Outback 3.0 VDC

This car is available at Capital Chev and Cadillac in Salem Oregon for $25,977
the KBB for this is:

Private Party Value2$28,490
Retail Value3 $31,620 Mileage:
Excellent 1Engine:
H6 HO 3.0 LiterTransmission:

A Subaru opportunity

An '05 - '07 Subaru Outback 2.5 XT Turbo is a good car to bring into Canada for four reasons:

  1. The warranty is fully covered by Subaru.
  2. American made .
  3. Newest model design.
  4. Fully loaded.

The benefit of the warranty is that it is fully covered and paid by Subaru as one would expect unlike the '08 version which is covered but on a rebate system where the owner has the warranty work done and pays for it then sends Subaru US the bills and then is rebated the cost of the work.

The advantage of the American made models af Subaru is that there is no duty charged when importing into Canada.

The new model design has plenty of positives and they are not all just appearance items

The fully loaded XT is hard to find as it is very popular.

Here is a review from '04 about the new '05 Outback

2005 Subaru Outback 2.5 XT Turbo, extended warranty, clean, MUST SELL!

2005 Subaru Outback 2.5 XT Turbo, extended warranty, clean, MUST SELL!

Subaru Outback in Salt Lake City, privatley owned, low mi. fully loaded, $19,800.

This car was for sale in July as well for $20,995. I sense an opportunity.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences - CarSpace Automotive Forums

Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences - CarSpace Automotive Forums

Here are 3 great page that list all the forum posts about a particular vehicle as buying experience.
Theory: An interesting way to gage the popularity of a vehicle is to note how any posts each model has. This could be used all be it roughly to determine which vehicles are good to buy and resell.

Two stats are available the total amount of posts and the most recent date.

USPS - ZIP Code Lookup - Search By City

USPS - ZIP Code Lookup - Search By City

Zip code lookup by city.

Testimonials about importing into Canada

Testimonial 1: Over the last month, I've replaced my family's two vehicles and saved approximately $22,000! 2007 Toyota Sienna CE Pkg 1 US Cost: $22,500 USD x 1.055 = $23,750 + AC Tax + GST + PST + $210 Riv Fee + $200 one-way rental car + $100 hotel stay + $100 bar tab = approx $27,785 CADApprox Canadian Cost for Same Vehicle $37,266.60Savings = approx $9,500 2007 Toyota Solara SE V6 Pkg 1 (Premium JBL/Pwr Seat)US Cost: $22,700 USD x 1.052 = $23,880 + AC Tax + GST + PST + $210 Riv Fee + $200 one-way rental car + $100 hotel stay = approx. $27,850 CADApprox Canadian Cost for Same Vehicle $39,689 (This isn't 100% accurate since there is no V6 option for the SE. This price is for the Sport which has more features in some areas and less in others) Approx Savings = approx $11,839(The Canadian Border services agent wouldn't even believe the price of the car when they compared it to the Red Book Value; they searched the car for an hour and kept quizzing me about the dealer - I think they thought the receipt was forged or something)Total Savings == close to $21,339It took me forever to find a Toyota dealer. I think I called over 50 before I finally found one! I asked my dealer if I could tell others about them but they politely declined, they didn't realize they "shouldn't" sell to Canadians when I first inquired about the cars but out of courtesy to me, they did it (probably because the pricing they gave me was a few hundred over invoice). So my advice: keep calling Toyota dealers in the US if you really want a Toyota.

Testimonial 2:Just got back from Seattle and brought these two gems back.2004 Dodge Durango Ltd Hemi with every avail option. 32,000 miles. Mint condition for all in at 22K Cad.2005 Searay 1800 Mint with only 10.5 Hrs. all in at 15K Cad.Went smooth as silk. Went down for the truck and stumbled across the boat well surfing Ebay in my hotel. Dodge was Craigslist.My buddy who is a sales manager at a dealer told me the Durango would be approx 30K here and I know the boat would sell easy for 20KCustoms told me they were processing 50 a day easy. Pacific Way Crossing.One word of advice, print the ad is you found it on ebay or craigslist and bring it with you.

Testimonial 3:I have spoken with a CAD dealer and a US dealer. The car in question is a 2007 g35x with premium package and wood trim. In canada the MSRP is 48,630 (Best price I was quoted is 47,500). In usa the msrp is 37,265 (best price I have received so far is 36000). The conversion of 1.05 us/cad $ ( 37,800) add duties (6.2%) and you get a cad converted price of 40,143.6. Add in taxes and you save about 7grand.Also, according to, the warranties in the US are covered in Canada. Go read them, it exactly specifies that the warranty is good in canada.

Testimonial 4:I just ordered a brand new Harvest Gold Metallic 2008 Subaru Outback 3.0R LLbean edition, without the GPS. We did not want GPS.I shopped Van Bortel, West Herr, Shutlz, and Northtown. No one would touch Van Bortel's current web price, which is $500 below invoice. I think when Monsieur purchased his 2007, there was some dealer cash to move the remaining 2007 models. Was also told that many of the 2007 models were scrapped due to industrial damage that occured next to the manufacturer lot where those cars were stored.No matter, as I personally prefer the 2008 grille, my short wife likes the telescopic wheel, and finally - in 2008, the front map lights come on when you open the door in sunroof equipped models - so the interior is properly lit at night I also ordered factory installed accessories of remote car starter, trailer hitch and wiring harness, homelink mirror upgrade, rubber floor mats, and side cargo nets.In Canada, the closest equivalent model is the 3.0 Premier Edition, which has all the same equipment as the 3.0 R LLbean USA version, except that in Canada, the GPS comes standard, whereas in the USA, it is the only option, invoice priced at $1846 or so. We did not want GPS, so we did not order it.In Canada the 3.0R Premier edition Outback lists for $47,500 including freight. There are no cash incentives in Canada. Compared to purchasing the 3.0R model in Canada at list price, together with our chosen accessories, after converting currency, paying all fees, freight, and the usual Canadian taxes (PST/GST), we will have saved a grand total of $CDN 19,000 ! Wow !

Testimonial 5:I just got my 07 Toyota Camry out of the dealership in North Carolina and TRUCKING it to Montana for onward pickup to Calgary, Alberta. I did not want to drive 2days from NC to AB.Bought 2007 Camry LE V6 with Leather for about $24k usd @ Rice Toyota Internet Sales Department, Greensboro, NCThey are very nice, and customer-friendlyUsed a US Address (Delaware where no sales tax are required) to purchase car. I have a family friend in the USA. So, I did not pay state sales tax. Even if I had to pay state sales tax, I would have used a NC address....since they have one of the cheapest sales tax in USA for new cars (3%). I have my MSO original with me (DHL'd). Did not have to fly to NC. Paid Cash though. They will not sell via mail again....u have to fly physically and pay/sign some docs. The company gave me my MSO and did not send MSO to Delaware because they know there are no Tax Obligations. If u allow them to send MSO to a US state...u then have to wait more to collect Title from US State.Savings is about $9k since a similar vehicle will cost $33k (without GST) in Calgary, Alberta. My company pays for Trucking for me.....

Detailed Guide to Importing Cars from the US - Forums

Detailed Guide to Importing Cars from the US - Forums

Great step by step guide.

Acura MDX: Prices Paid & Buying Experience - CarSpace Automotive Forums

Acura MDX: Prices Paid & Buying Experience - CarSpace Automotive Forums

Here is a thread from the Edmonds forum on purchasing an Acura MDX.

Warranties from US to Canada

Here is a great page from Red Flag Deal Forums about warranties and how each company is handling them.

What's the most dependable car? - MSN Money

What's the most dependable car? - MSN Money

The top of the most dependable car is Buick and Lexus, click through the link and find out the top ten and more.

Subaru Outback

Subaru seems to be a good choice for importation. Not only is it a great car but Subaru Corp is very supportive of the cross border warranty, the car is American built, and there are two very helpful Subaru dealerships in Seattle that work hard and are knowledgeable about importing into Canada.

Here is a good description of the OUtback,

The Outback was completely redesigned for 2005, so 2006 represents the second model year for this latest generation of rugged wagons and sedans, the sweet spot for buying a new car, according to some. It's bigger and offers more interior space than the previous generation Outbacks. The new cabins are more comfortable, more luxurious, and better looking, and the styling was refined, so the Outback doesn't look as boxy as before. More important, it was re-engineered with a lower center of gravity for improved handling and stability, even though it already boasted those attributes in spades, especially when compared with sport utility vehicles.

The Outback features the latest in Subaru's premium technology, with one of the world's best all-wheel-drive systems paired with boxer-style engines that help it achieve a low center of gravity. As a result, the Outback delivers excellent all-weather capability. It feels secure and confident in a driving rain and is our first choice for gravel roads. Yet it also delivers responsive handling on dry, winding roads and is a comfortable, versatile car for everyday driving. The Outback offers slightly more ground clearance than the Subaru Legacy and has underbody protection that makes it better suited to gravel roads and deep snow.
These cars are truly well suited to the sort of outback you find in America. Whether on paved or unpaved roads, the Outback's handling is vastly superior to that of a sport utility, yet it can stand up to a fair amount of abuse. Outback wagons are an excellent choice for outdoor activities.
Safety is enhanced with dual-stage frontal airbags, front seat-mounted side-impact airbags and full coverage side curtain airbags. Anti-lock brakes with electronic brake-force distribution come standard. Add those safety features with the stability of Subaru's all-wheel drive, and the Outback is at the top of our list for when the weather turns nasty and roads turn slippery.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Acura MDX

Here are a couple of addresses for the Acura MDX club

This address is a forum thread on Canadians buying in the States.

Friday, August 24, 2007

List of vehicles from Lexus in Seattle

Hi Graham,
2003 BMW 525i BLUE/BLACK 51k $18,995.00
2005 BMW 525i TITANIUM/GRAY 18K $35,995.00
2003 LEXUS SC430 WHITE/ECRU 33K $41,995.00
2003 LEXUS SC430 RED/SADDLE 33K $41,995.00
2004 LEXUS SC430 SILVER/BLACK 31K $45,995.00
2006 LEXUS SC430 FLINT/BLACK 9K $62,995.00
2006 TOYOTA TACOMA LMTD 24K $25,995.0

I like the Tacoma as it is quite current and fully loaded with only 24k miles.
The other one that interests me is the 525i BMW, if it has a cold weather pkg and sport pkg then it is certainly a good valus.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

2005 Acura MDX Touring R&N

2005 Acura MDX Touring R&N

Found on craigslist in portland, 2005 fully loaded tech version, $30,000 obo.

2005 Acura MDX

Barrier Motors - Mercedes Benz Volvo Audi Porsche in Bellevue Seattle and Southcenter Tukwila Washington

Acura MDX in Seattle for $29,991, 34k mi.

2002 Porsche Boxster

Barrier Motors - Mercedes Benz Volvo Audi Porsche in Bellevue Seattle and Southcenter Tukwila Washington

Certified by Porsche a 2002 Boxster with 48k mi. for $24,995 in Seattle.

Lexus sc430 2005

Barrier Motors - Mercedes Benz Volvo Audi Porsche in Bellevue Seattle and Southcenter Tukwila Washington

Located in Bellevue priced at $48,950 with 23,000 mi.

Latest thread on Red Flag digs up controversy

Here is one post about a newspaper editor getting fired over an article about importing cars from the US as well as a few other importing examples.

Mr. Wheaton and Victoria Times, you both disgust me. I just purchased a Dodge Durango in Seattle and saved at least 7000.00. Also know others who have as well. Some friends just bought 3 trucks in Texas and had then shipped to Bellingham. They tried to buy here from the dealer but could not get close to the same deal. After shipping and taxes - all said and down on the 3 new trucks from a GMC Texas Dealer they saved a total of 42,000.00.Canadians flocking to the USA is news! Its all over the news.
The dealers in Canada are sticking it to us. How could Vic times fire anyone for this. Mr. Wheaton should be ashamed. The dealers themselves are bringing up used USA cars. In Kamloops BC right now there is a Used Nissan Armada on the Nissan Lot and A used Nissan Titan on the Suburu lot. The dealers both brought them in from the USA.As for risk in buying in the USA ??? What risk no more than buying in Canada. Easy to check on cars, even have them inspected.
Use Carfax and find complete history on any car. For 99 bucks they will even send someone to do a full inspection for you. US customs even checks it all out before allowing it to leave the USA. No more risk than me buying anywhere in Canada. And what risk if you are buying new from a dealer.I have also bought 3 boats in the USA. Saved a whack of money , used them and resold for more than I paid, alot more!How could you fire someone for putting out the truth.This is all over the internet now. People are very mad a Victoria Times and Dave Wheaton Pontiac Buick GMC Ltd.Mr Weaton says "I was upset with the paper for doing it because it was one person's opinion" -It is not one persons opinion, people are saving thousands in the USA, you are just upset that they are not buying from you!

Warranty with Acura

Auto - WOW ---- New cars from US up to 20% cheaper (cost to import under $200) - Page 268 - Forums:

"When I was at the Canadian border importing my Subaru there was a fellow next to me importing a new Acura he had purchased in Portland. I asked him about the warranty as I had read about the Honda/Acura warranty issue on this thread. He said he just had to buy the extended warranty for an extra $900 to have it extend to Canada. A win/win of sorts because he also gets the extended time for his $$$. I can't verify whether or not this is a solution to the issue, but it may be worth the research if you want a Honda or Acura. He also said his savings were in the 14k range warranty included."

Red Flag Deals

Here is the forum that I have been quoting the most and the latest thread.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Electronic Fund Transfer or "How I Paid for my Car"

This is from the Red Flag Deals forum Aug.21/07

I EFT'd a $4000+ deposit to my dealer in Western New York. It took a few days to process. On the third day the money came out of my account and the next morning the dealer confirmed the money was in their account.I kept the transfer receipts since I suspected I'd be asked for them. And I showed them at the border when I crossed into the US when my car was ready for my inspection. Since I live about 1.5 hours from the dealer, I made arrangements to inspect the car a week before formal delivery to ensure the accessories I wanted were installed on the car. That was the first time I met the dealer and actually saw the car I was buying. At that point we did 99% of the paperwork and paid for the car in full then using a US bank draft. During the waiting period, the dealer sent in my documents to US Customs and Subaru of America.The day I picked up my car, I was met at the bus station and drove my new car home from there. I had the recall letter in my hand as well.

Eastside Subaru | Seattle, Tacoma, Renton Subaru dealer located in Kirkland, Washington | New & used cars, trucks and SUVs.

Eastside Subaru Seattle, Tacoma, Renton Subaru dealer located in Kirkland, Washington New & used cars, trucks and SUVs.

A 2007 RAV4 $22,399 with 3000 miles.

I found this site through Red Flag Deals on one of the forums. Here is what someone said about the deal they got from Eastside Subaru.
"Hi All,
I just wanted to chime in here. I just bought an 08 Tribeca through Zach and Becca at Eastside Subaru. Zach is definitely a straight shooter, no doubt about that. I had originally wanted to deal with Joe Spitz at Carter Subaru, but it's just so hard to get a hold of him b/c he's with customers or on the phone. When I do speak to him over the phone, he's awesome and knowledgeable. But he's so busy, so for me, I felt it was hard to get that extra little help and attention. Zach and Becca at Eastside Subaru helped me out and even beat Joe's excellent price. So as an alternative, Zach and Becca at Eastside Subaru is an excellent alternative. Don't get me wrong, Joe Spitz is awesome, and I definitely don't want to take anything away from him. Just my 2 cents.

And another post:
Have to agree with Andy, Zach is very quick and helpfull. I was looking for an 2007 Tribeca and even though he could not find me the one I wanted, Zach was extremely helpfull and quick to respond to any and all question.If you're looking around the WA area give him a call atleast to see if they can beat the price.

List of vehicles to look for.

'07 Escalade
Toyota Tacoma 4Runner
Toyota Tundra 2007

Subaru Outback 2.5 AWD XT

Bmw 5 series '01/'02
Bmw 3 series '02/'03


Porche Boxster

And for that special "rude" one an '07 Escalade short wheel base with 22" wheels and a Nav. unit.

Driving your purchased vehicle in the US

You need a US dealer plate. Prearrange interim insurance with ICBC. Then it's just a matter of driving it to the border crossing. 3 business days, and appropriate paperwork which you are no doubt familiar with. I've driven from Cal on a dealer plate and also picked up a car off a carhauler in Seattle, that one originated in Florida, but the dealer provided me with a Virginia plate, likely to forestall any tax questions in Florida. The dealer I bought from in Califoria, asked me to draft a letter saying the car was being shipped out of state, to cover himself for not collecting tax. He then provided me with a dealer plate and off I drove.

Order of events for importing a car

  1. Choose models, I suggest no more than four.

  2. Determine if the vehicle is admissable. See this site

  3. Arrange financing or method of payment in the US, set limit.

  4. Locate car or cars either at dealer or private.

  5. Arrange insurance with ICBC.

This list will change and be added to and in no way definitive.

2002 525i White BMW

2002 525i White BMW

Las Vegas


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Seattle car dealer visits

Here is a list of the car companies that I visited in Seattle, the most helpful is first on the list the least approachable is last.

Bellevue Cadillac a Seattle Cadillac dealer, Seattle GMC dealer, and Seattle Pontiac dealer This had the best selection and variety of pre owned vehicles.

The fifth dealer I stopped at does not have a website but was very willing to send me the latest list of pre owned cars.

The least helpful and was the Toyota dealer in Bellevue that told me they would not sell new or used Toyotas to Canadians.

Sunday, August 5, 2007



Cash as seen through the eyse of a car dealer.
from this site